Hotel Facilities


Malla Classic

The Malla Classic rooms of Hotel Manaslu out class the best of hotels in Kathmandu Nepal. All our 73 Malla Classic rooms are tastefully decorated with warm traditional furnishings that will endow your stay with a closer experience of the unique Nepali heritage. At the same time, you can rest assured that all modern amenities have been provided for. After a hectic day of sightseeing and adventure, there’s no better place to come back to than to your welcoming room at Hotel Manaslu. Hotel Manaslu, the boutique hotel with modern amenities is the best and reasonable choice.


Hotel Manaslu, the Complete Venue

Mandala Courtyard


Can Sustain up to 600 guests. We cater all kinds of events such as wedding receptions, bratabhanda, birthdays, anniversaries and all types of events. We have a very flexible menu to accommodate your taste platter. Please contact us to inquire on availability.

Hridaya Hall


Fully equipped hall for up to 50 guests

Stupa Hall


Fully equipped hall for up to 50 guests

Junu Resturant


Junu Restaurant served by the finest chef and staff providing service for all kinds of cuisine and delicacies. The restaurant also has a bar serving different international drinks.

Cafe Kutang

Cafe Kutang

Cafe Kutang serves the best coffee and drinks in the pristine surrounding of Hotel Manaslu. The cafe area is a perfect place to relax and socialize.


Swimming pool

The Swimming Pool runs on all seasons and it is the perfect way to refresh. The pool includes a traditional Loh Hiti (Stone Tap) that provides running water replicating a cascade. We also have a smaller pool especially designed for children. The swimming service is free of charge which includes sets of towels and changing rooms. We do not have provision for swimming costumes and guests must bring their own sets of pairs.

The swimming pool is open to public from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm at an cost of Nrs. 650 ++ taxes for adults and Nrs. 550 ++ taxes for children below 10 years.